Published in Precious.jp "Recommended accommodations in 2023 carefully selected by hot spring professionals" (December 2023, 12)

Bessho Onsen Midoriya Editorial Department 2024/01/03

[Recommended accommodations in 2023 carefully selected by hot spring professionals] A feast for the eyes in both the hot spring and the guest room! Soothe your soul in a garden supervised by a world-renowned designer | Bessho Onsen Midoriya

  • Enjoy Shinshu's oldest "Beauty Bath" in three private baths! Among the many hot spring inns that will open or renovate in 3, hot spring journalist Miyuki Uetake has selected five spots with particularly high expectations. This time we will be introducing Bessho Onsen Midoriya, which opened in August of this year. Taking advantage of the location's abundance of hot water, all three private baths are fed directly from the source. The beauty of the space is a reproduction of a garden that won a gold medal in a British contest, and there is also a drinking fountain in the garden where you can drink the hot spring water.

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