Sake tasting available!

  • 2016/05/30
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Okazaki Brewers is a local sake brewery in Ueda city, Shinshu which has been providing good sake for the masses for 350 years since 1665 using traditional techniques. The brewery and retail outlet are located in Yanagimachi, Ueda city. Sake tasting available within the premises.

Female chief brewer Midori Okazaki

Midori Okazaki has been the chief brewer at Okazaki Brewers since 2003.

She is one of only 25 female chief brewers in Japan.
She studied zymology at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and worked at a big liquor company. Having learned techniques passed down from generations of chief brewers, she works hard to create the best sake from naturally available ingredients in Shinshu.

The "Shinshu Kirei" sake that Ms Midori is holding in the picture won first place in the ginjoshu category at the Kanto Shinshu National Tax Agency Annual Japan Sake Awards 2015.

Using the unique features of a small warehouse, and Miyaminishiki hitogokochi rice, a shuzo kotekimai homegrown since ancient times which preserves the rice, water, and balance of nature in Shinshu, she brews sake with a blend of both tradition and technique.

Midori Okazaki is actually related to the hostess of Midoriya, Yasuko Saito.

Please give the delicious sake from Okazaki Brewers at Midoriya a try!

Within the premises

Sake tasting available!

Besides wine tasting within the premises, the store has plenty of sake, ceramic ware, soy sauce, and miso as well.

4 Chome-7-33 Chūō, Ueda-shi, Nagano-ken 386-0012, Japan
Open every day of the year 8:30AM-5:30PM

Sake brewery

Shinshu (Nagano prefecture) is full of nature, and is an ideal place for making sake. The refreshing summer is not too humid, the change to the chilling winter is crisp, there is clear air wherever you turn, and cool and clear water spouts up all over. The natural environment that changes with the seasons help to make high quality sake.

Born in a rich natural environment , we brew sake that brings out the essence of that environment, and which can only be made in Shinshu.

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