With the biggest water volume in Bessho Onsen,
this kakenagashi style (running water) bath
is great for your skin and
its water comes from the source.

Bessho Onsen is said have the longest history as a hot spring in Shinshu, and legends about the opening of the baths date back to ancient times.
Legend has it that during Prince Yamato Takeru's eastern expedition, as he approached Houfukujitouge, an old man with white hair appeared from within the mist,
saying "There are seven hot springs in this mountain. These springs will alleviate the seven sufferings of mankind.
Take heed, Takeru." Thus the prince looked among the mountains, and lo and behold, there were indeed seven hot springs. It was said that the soldiers in the expedition used the hot springs to alleviate their suffering.
This spring came to be called the Nanakuri Hot Springs. Another meaning of the name is "to prosper for a long time".

The author Fusako Kitawaza said "You have to visit this onsen!"

Plentiful 100% natural hot spring water


The source is 50.6℃; no heat or water is added. The water from the source flows directly into the bath, much to the delight of the hot spring connoisseurs among our guests.

It is a simple sulfur type hot spring; the benefits of the water include helping nerve pain and sensitivity to cold, recovery from exhaustion, and promoting health.
It is said that the water is especially wonderful for women's skin; when local girls get married, they always go to Bessho Onsen to completely prepare their skin for the wedding.

Additionally, the volume of water from the spring is plentiful, so the shower also uses the hot spring water.

Try relaxing and looking out upon the outdoor bath, which is surrounded with an elegant garden.

You can drink the hot spring water!

You can drink the water in the hot springs at Midoriya. The spring type is especially appropriate for those with diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and gout. In addition, the water is drinkable since it is drawn directly from the source.

Not only bathing in the hot spring, but also drinking it increases the healing effects, and the benefits differ, so definitely try doing both.


Common indications Nerve pain, muscle pain, stiff shoulders, numbness from exercise, stiff joints, bruises, sprains,
chronic digestive illness, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, convalescence, recovery from exhaustion, health increasing
Indications by use (Bathing) chronic skin disease, chronic women's diseases, cuts, diabetes
(Drinking) diabetes, high blood cholesterol, gout, constipation

Director of the Ueda Health Center in Nagano Prefecture Dr. Saburo Miyao

Certified famous reputable hot spring

The hot spring at Midoriya was certified as a "famous reputable hot spring" by the "famous and little-known hot spring association."

In order to be classified as a "reputable famous hot spring," at least two conditions out of 8 must be met, but Midoriya meets 6 of these. It could be said that Midoriya is eminent even among famous hot springs.

It is not only a free-flowing hot spring; Midoriya is a hot spring where you can experience a sense of unity with nature. Also, you the water can be ingested and it is beneficial to those with modern day illnesses. These things have led to many guests coming to Midoriya for its health benefits.

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