Taking a stroll around Bessho Onsen is also one of the pleasures here

There are so many things to enjoy when in Bessho Onsen!
You can leave your baggage at the ryokan and take a stroll around Bessho Onsen.

A tour of the open air baths in Bessho Onsen


Take a tour of the superior hot springs in Bessho. In Bessho Onsen, there are open air baths where you can take one-day trips.

Origins of Bessho Onsen

Around 1500 years ago, Prince Yamato Takeru discovered the hot springs here when he entered Shinano on his eastern expedition. That is why Bessho Onsen is said to be the oldest hot spring in this country.

The source which has never stopped flowing since is said to be a "miracle spring" under the guardianship of the Kitamukikannon temple.

The water is especially suited for women's skin; when girls from nearby villages marry, it is said that they must visit the onsen in Bessho to tone their skin before attending the wedding ceremony.

Tour of footbaths

There are also footbaths where you can relax after walking!

Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples

You can the "Kamukura of Shinshu" for yourself. Because Kamakura itself is uninhabited, you can relax and enjoy yourself here.

If you walk a little further, many old temples and old pagodas are to be found.


There are many establishments with the nostalgic feel of a hot spring resort and also refined establishments around Midoriya, such as Bessho Espresso, which is a 1 minute walk from Midoriya.
With so many attractions, is a one-night stay enough?

Ueda city Yanagimachi-doori


Yanagimachi in Ueda City is a beautiful town with stone-paved roads and row after row of tenement houses.
This town boasts a long history dating from the building of Ueda Castle and the castle town by Sanada Masayuki.

During the holidays the town is packed with tourists who come here to visit Okazaki Brewers Co, Ltd, the brewer of "Shinshu Kirei" made famous in the Annual Japan Sake Awards 2015, specialty shops selling bread made from natural yeast, and the number 1 soba restaurant in Japan on