Welcome home,to the deep green inn.

Introduction from the hostess

In Shinshu (Nagano)'s Kamakura, Bessho Onsen has a history of over 1000 years as a hot spring.

Included among that history, "Midoriya Kichiemon" was inherited after its use as a hot spring mansion of the leader of the Ueda domain, and as the private villa of the Matsudaira family. It has been in business for Foundation Meiji 14 years (foundation 135 years) , and is a well-established inn around Bessho Onsen.

We have been able to heal the souls of many guests through passing on traditions from long ago, having good quality spring water, and our simple, genial reception.

Among the bountiful greenery and steady breeze, it is almost like returning to a house in your hometown. We put our hearts into creating a space where guests can put their minds at ease for a moment.

Please get comfortable and rest your soul for a moment as you watch the changes of the four seasons intertwine with the abundant nature.

Midoriya Kichiemon hostess, Yasuko Saitou

A visitor's voice

Showing up unexpectedly Because the ryokan in Bessho Onsen is fully occupied, you won't be able to get a reservation at Midoriya when you get here.
It is was an old Japanese inn, and it was not extravagant, but it was wonderful.

First of all, the bathhouse is amazing. When you put you hands into the water, you can feel them being repelled by the hot spring, and in the washing area, the water coming out of the faucet is real hot spring water. Extravagant Japanese inns all over the country are too many to count, but the same cannot be said about inns where the water coming out of the faucet comes from a hot spring.

The food is also amazing. As I picked up each and every piece of food, even the the ingredients that were frozen and imported were warm and tasteful. It was an entirely pleasant hotel.

Travel writer: Mie Iga

Hotel summary

Closure day Every week Tuesday and Wednesday
Check-in 15:00
Checkout 10:00
Guest room All the 16 rooms
Bath Large open air bath, indoor bath (Kannon no Yu, Kansou no Yu), family bath
Private bath available by reservation (limited to certain seasons)
*The baths at this establishment are not for mixed gender use.
Eating area Restaurant
Building interior Banquet hall (60 tatami mats)
Parking lot 20 spaces (free); 4 locations
Designated Japanese inn Nagano Prefecture Employee Mutual Aid Association: designated Japanese inn
Nagano Prefecture Social Welfare Convention: designated Japanese inn
Kanagawa Prefecture Kawasaki City Employee Ministry of Health and Welfare Conference: designated Japanese inn
National Retired Public Employee Alliance: designated Japanese inn